Mr. Edgar Russ
Edgar Russ,出生于奥地利,于1989年在克雷莫纳的国际小提琴学院学习。在1991年在Via Plasio开设自己的车间之前,他完成了专业培训,在美国加深了声学研究,并接触了新的小提琴制作手法。2004年,他在克雷莫纳的Via Mauro Macchi 2a开设了一个新工作室。一直以来,他非常注重精准配置,这使他的工艺与别人区别开来。Edgar Russ参加了几届弦乐器国际比赛:1988年用小提琴,1991年用大提琴,2003年和2015年用双簧管,2009年用小提琴和大提琴。他制作的乐器看起来很复古,音色醇厚,受到世界知名音乐家,管弦乐队及音乐团体的喜爱。
Edgar Russ, born in Austria, takes his degree at the “International Violinmaking School A. Stradivari” in Cremona in 1989. Before opening his own workshop in Via Plasio in 1991, he completes his Professional training and deepens his researches in acoustics in the USA where he gets in touch with new methods of violinmaking. Afterwards he elaborates his studies concerning oil varnish composition. In 2004, he opens a new workshop in Via Mauro Macchi 2a in Cremona. Care and precision have always been the fundamental instruments to satisfy the highest standards required for musical instruments construction. Great attention to set up and fitting are the elements, which make his craftsmanship distinguished. Edgar Russ participates to several editions of the “International Competition for Strings Instruments”: in 1988 with a violin, in 1991 with a cello, in 2003 and 2015 with a doublebass that takes an honorable mention, and in 2009 with a violin and a cello. His instruments have antique looking and great sounding potential and are played by worldwide known musicians, teachers and students of important orchestras and chamber groups.