Samuel Peguiron
Samuel Peguiron先生是在瑞士Ecole Suisse de Lutherie乐器学院学习乐器制造,之后在欧洲几个乐器工场工作. 最后在1983年在法国 Nancy市设立自己的工场. 他依照意大利几个著名乐器师, 如Stradivari 和 Guadagnini的声学和美学准则制造小提琴和大提琴. 他选用储存了30年的优质木材制造. 涂上一层柔和而透明的清漆. 他制造过几件乐器都获得奖状: 如在2011年一大提琴获得音质第一奖, 2012年另一个大提琴获得了Musicora 奖, 2013年3月他的一个小提琴获得纽约第三奖。他合作的音乐家包括:Jean Christophe SPINOSI 先生( Ensemble Mateus乐团总指挥),Elisabeth GLAB女士(法国国家管弦乐团Orchestre National de France第一独奏小提琴手),Marc KORNOWICZ先生(法国Orchestre de Picardie地区管弦乐团第一独奏小提琴手)以及刘宏教授(中国河南省河南大学艺术学院)。
Mr. Samuel Peguiron studied musical instruments at the Ecole Suisse de Lutherie Institute of Musical Instruments in Switzerland and worked in several musical instruments in Europe, and finally set up his own workshop in Nancy, France in 1983. He follows several famous musical instruments such as Stradivari and Guadagnini's acoustics and aesthetics make the violin and cello, and he uses 30 years of high quality wood, with a layer of soft and transparent varnish, and he has produced several pieces of musical instruments: The first prize, another cello in 2012, won the Musicora Award, and in March 2013 his third violin won the third prize in New York. He has been working with many famous musicians, including Jean Christophe SPINOSI (Ensemble Mateus Orchestra conductor), Ms. Elisabeth GLAB (Orchestre National de France first soloist), Mr. Marc KORNOWICZ (French Orchestre de Picardie Regional Orchestra 1st soloist) and Professor Liu Hong (Henan University of Henan Province, China).