Joris Teepe 先生

Joris Teepe


Bass performer, composer, educator

1992年踏入爵士乐领域,与Ron Carter一同在纽约求学,次年第一张CD的录制就得到了Don Braden,Cyrus Chestnut,Carl Allen和Tom Harrell的鼎力支持;曾与Benny Golson,Sonny Fortune,Rashied Ali,Billy Hart和Randy Brecker等著名爵士音乐家共事。至今已指导并录制了15张音乐专辑,并为Deborah Brown,Fay Claassen,Nana和Mathilde Santingh等歌手担任过编曲。
Joris Teepe is bass-player, composer/arranger, record producer and head of the jazz department of the Prince Claus Conservatoire. Additionally he teaches at the New Jersey Performing Arts Centre. Joris initiated the New York comes to Groningen jazz programme. He went to New York in 1992 to get into the jazz scene. He took lessons with Ron Carter, quickly met many musicians and started to work a lot. A year later he recorded his first CD, with a band co-led by Don Braden and featuring Cyrus Chestnut, Carl Allen and Tom Harrell. He worked together with renowned jazz musicians, such as Benny Golson, Sonny Fortune, Rashied Ali, Billy Hart and Randy Brecker. Being a member of the Rashied Ali Quintet for 9 years is what really changed his vision on music, coming from a bebop background. Currently Joris has recorded 15 albums as a (co)leader. He also established himself as a composer/arranger, record producer (many different labels and artists), educator and bandleader.He has arranged music for many singers, such as Deborah Brown, Fay Claassen, Nana, and Mathilde Santingh.