Laura Fygi 女士

Laura Fygi


Dutch artist

出道近四十年,荷兰国宝级艺术家,是第一位打入Billborad爵士乐排行榜的荷兰歌手,也是在亚洲知名度最高的国际爵士演唱家。拥有丝绒般天籁嗓音和精致、深情、高贵的现场表演,她的独特魅力还在于融合了Disco舞曲、流行歌曲、摇滚乐等各种音乐方式的爵士演唱。她是全球重要爵士节、剧院音乐会常客,多次与Toots Thielemans、Michel Legrand、Michael Franks等著名艺术家合作。2018年正式签约成为JZ第一位签约代理的国际艺术家,启动《Laura Comes to East 劳拉在东方》项目,将传统爵士歌曲与创新改编结合,一并呈现给东方乐迷。
Made her debut 40 years ago, Laura Fygi is regarded as the living treasure of Netherlands, and is the first dutch singer to be listed on Jazz Billboard. She is also a international Jazz singer to receive the most popularity in Asian countries. With silky voices, her live shows are praised to be delicate, affective, and elegant. Her uniqueness also shows in her jazz singing style which mixes disco dance music, pop songs and rock music. She has been invited to many major international jazz festivals and concert, and co-performed with famous artists like Toots Thielemans, Michel Legrand and Michael Franks. In 2018 she signed with JZ Music and becomes JZ’s first signed international artist. She started “Laura Comes to East” project, which presents her oriental fans the traditional jazz songs with creative re-arrangements.