Samantha Ward 女士

Samantha Ward


British pianist

Samantha Ward,英国知名钢琴演奏家,朔特音乐出版社签约作者。在欧洲、亚洲和英国各地广泛演出并获得好评,“PIANO WEEK”国际艺术节和暑期学校的艺术总监,负责《钢琴少年》图书音频和视频的演奏,并担任亚洲地区国际教学总监。 目前,她是“钢琴少年”的课程推广大使,将通过工作坊的形式带领大家从每一首曲子中了解整套钢琴少年,并为大家介绍如何在家里和课堂上使用“钢琴少年”这套图书。
Samantha Ward, a renowned British pianist, and writer of Schott Music. She has received good reputation after performances in European, Asian and British cities. As the Art Director of “Piano Week” art festival and summer school, she performed for the voice and video record of the book Piano Youth, and also hold the position of International Education Director in Asian Area. She will introduce this book through workshops and teach how to use this book at home or in the classroom.